Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won a landslide victory in New Zealand’s general election Saturday. Her re-election is believed to be the result of her success at handling the country’s COVID-19 outbreak. Also Read - 10,064 Cases, 137 Deaths: India Records Lowest COVID-19 Infections Since June | Key Points

With 87% of the votes counted, Ardern’s center-left Labour Party has won 48.9% of the vote. The vote count has revealed that her party is likely the one to score the highest result that any party has achieved since the current political system was introduced in 1996. Meanwhile, the?opposition National Party slumped to 27%, its worst showing since 2002. Also Read - With 161 Fresh Cases, Delhi Records Lowest COVID Infections in Over 8 Months

Addressing her supporters on Saturday in Auckland, the prime minister said, “Over the next three years there is much work to do. We will build back better from the Covid crisis. We have the mandate to accelerate our response and our recovery.” Also Read - Robots to Be Used for Delivering Essentials to Covid-19 Patients at Assam Hospital

Ardern, 40, has captured the hallowed center ground in New Zealand politics with a blend of empathetic leadership and skilled crisis management that has also won her fame abroad. Her successful handling of the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated those strengths, drowning out criticism that she hasn’t delivered on some key promises during her first term in office.

Ardern said she would govern for all New Zealanders and declined to say whether she would invite the Green Party into her government until final results were in. The Greens had 7.6% of the vote.

(With inputs from Agencies)