Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor on Friday revealed that he has been battling Achilles’ tendon woes for 10 years. Doctors had suggested surgery, and the actor has shared how recovery happened without surgery. Kapoor took to his verified Instagram account to share the story. He also shared photographs where he can be seen skipping with a rope and posing happily with his doctor. Also Read - Vitamin D Deficiency Can Lead To Weight Gain and Obesity

“I had been suffering from an Achilles’ tendon issue for over 10 years… Doctors around the world had told me that surgery was my only option…Dr. Muller, through a series of rejuvenating treatments, took me from limping to walking to running to finally skipping… without any surgery…” wrote the actor. Also Read - How COVID-19 Affects Heart: Symptoms to Watch Out For And What to do

Anil Kapoor is a fitness enthusiast and keeps sharing workout photos and videos on social media.
Last month, the 63-year-old actor had shared a video where he can be seen sprinting on the beach. Also Read - 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Including Corn in Your Diet

“During the lockdown, I was dreaming about the beach…dreaming of escaping…finally I get to the beach and my trainer @marcyogimead, makes me sprint…fitness always comes first…It’s not about the location but about the dedication,” he had captioned the video.

What Is an Achilles Tendon Injury?

An Achilles Tendon Injury can happen to anyone and it does not differentiate between an athlete or someone with a sedentary lifestyle. Achilles Tendon is the largest tendon in your body, the tendon stretches from the bones of the heel to calf muscles. It is a springy band of tissue at the back of an ankle and above the heel. The tendon helps you point your toes toward the floor and rise on tiptoes.

It is a common injury that is mild, moderate to severe. One can feel burning pain or stiffness in that area. It is said that if the pain is unbearable, chances are that your tendon is partly or completely torn.

Symptoms of Achilles Tendon Injury

The most common sign is the constant pain in that part of the leg when you are unable to stand on your toes or stretch your ankle. If the pain persists, the area becomes swollen and stiff. One can even face problems in pointing their toes while even doing a regular chore.

The most common cause of this injury is due to running, walking, dance, football, basketball, etc.

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